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The Phair Company

The Phair Company is a full-service real estate company which purchases investment properties for its own portfolio and on behalf of institutional partners.  The company develops quality residential and commercial projects for its own account and for joint-venture partners.  The Phair Company also provides land use and entitlement processing services for landowners and builders, and offers real estate development and investment management services for tenant/users, and financial institutions on a fee basis. The Phair Company has experience in every aspect critical to the success of a project: appraisal feasibility analysis, land planning, design, engineering, entitlement processing, finance, sales & marketing, legal, and property management.


The Phair Company has been involved in the design, development, and marketing of over 6,000 residential units (apartments, condos, single-family homes) and approximately 1.5 million square feet of commercial/industrial product. In addition, The Phair Company is uniquely experienced in the planning, design, entitlement processing, development, financing, and master-merchandising of large-scale master-planned and mixed-use projects. The principals of The Phair Company and its affiliated companies are committed to being very involved in community and real estate industry activities. This commitment has earned The Phair Company the respect of both the opponents and proponents of the "growth vs. no-growth" debate in Southern California. The Phair Company's ability to bring consensus-building and political advocacy skills into the negotiation process has resulted in unparalleled success for The Phair Company's projects and its clients' projects. 

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