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Testimonials - Investors & Business Leaders

Jeff Phair built the Ames Ranch Estates in Bonita.  I was an investor in that project.  Jeff sold all of the houses before completion of construction.  I made a 20% return on my money.  That was 12 years ago.  I am still investing with Jeff.

Norm Pressley


I have known Jeff Phair since the 1970’s at USD law school.  I have invested in several of Jeff’s real estate projects, which have consistently produced 15% to 20% annual return on investment.  I give a high recommendation to anyone considering investing with Jeff.

Harvey Levine


"Jeff, congratulations on being named Man of the Year by the San Diego building industry".

NAIOP Board of Directors


“Jeff Phair performed admirably on his assurances to our city. If you are considering a business relationship with Mr. Phair, he has my highest personal recommendation."

Joan Shoemaker

Mayor of El Cajon


I’ve invested in The Phair Company’s real estate projects since the early 1990s.  Jeff is a very thorough and detail-oriented developer.  He performs on-time and on-budget.I’ve made a lot of money investing with Jeff.

Mark Mazzarella


"Jeff, congratulations on starting The Phair Company.  You were an important part of bringing the vision of the Eastlake master-planned community to life. On behalf of the City of Chula Vista, we look forward to working with you on future projects".

Greg Cox

Mayor, City of Chula Vista


"Jeff, thank you for the fine presentation you gave to the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers.  It isn't often that we have such a knowledgeable speaker".

Carl Votolato, MAI

AIREA Program Chairman


"Jeff, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation as a speaker at the Building Industry Association's annual Economic Forecast seminar.  You are correct.  San Diego's economic future looks very bright".

Ron Roberts

Supervisor, County of San Diego


I was an investor with Jeff Phair in many of The Phair Company’s real estate projects since 1988.  He is a trustworthy and reputable developer who earned his investor partners a great return on their investment.

Jim Peltier


As a life-long CPA, I’ve always appreciated Jeff’s attention to detail in the projects I have invested in.  He has always been very accurate with this financial projections, proformas, and cost estimates.

Gerry LaFlamme


My company provided $10 million in equity for Mr. Phair’s acquisition and redevelopment of a large portfolio of apartments in San Diego.  Mr. Phair achieved our target ROI in a timely manner.

John Wagner


“Mr. Phair, on behalf of the greater San Diego business community, I appreciate your participating in our business development trip to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.  We made some excellent business contacts.  Your presentations to the many major Asian companies we met with about the opportunity for maquiladoras with Mexico to be developed in Chula Vista and Otay Mesa, which would create synergism for business throughout the county.

Dan Pegg

President, San Diego Economic Development Council


"Jeff, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the NAIOP and the CIC, and all of our members, thank you for representing our real estate industry's interests in San Diego at the recent NAIOP conference in Washington D.C. You have been a tireless advocate for our rights as developers in the forums of several city councils, in Sacramento and in Washington D.C. You have done a great service for our real estate industry".

Peter Hall

President, Great American Development Company


Jeff Phair of The Phair Company has my positive recommendation.  He produced an above market rate of return on my retirement account.

Marla Schmitter


“Jeff, thank you for being the keynote speaker and moderator at the recent South Bay Trade-Mart.  Your very thorough overview of the South Bay real estate market gave us all a better insight into the opportunities that exist there".

Gerald La Flamme

Kenneth Leventhal & Company


A portion of my retirement funds were invested with The Phair Company.  Those investments resulted in a return on my funds of around 16% per year, more than double what I could have earned in the stock market.

John Henrie


"Congratulations to Jeff Phair of The Phair Company for being appointed as San Diego's representative in Sacramento on the California Commercial Council. Mr. Phair has successfully helped draft legislation to prevent commercial rent controls in California."

Michael Perry

President of the CIC of the Building Industry Association


"I  have known Jeff Phair for many years, in my role as Director of both the Chula Vista and National City Redevelopment Agencies. Mr. Phair's various business entities have had a positive impact on the development of quality real estate projects in both cities. I give Jeff Phair my highest recommendation to any city considering a project by him."

Paul Descrochers

Redevelopment Director, City of National City


“Jeff, thanks for your great job on the Ames Ranch project.  I’ve been in the real estate business in San Diego for 45 years.I appreciate that you completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.  I am a happy investor.”

Hal Sadler


"Jeff, thank you for your words of support and advice on the many important issues facing San Diego's future. I value your input and advice on how we can do a better job".

Maureen O'Connor

Mayor, City of San Diego


"It has been Principal Financial Group's pleasure to work with you on your borrowing needs, as you have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism throughout our relationship" .

Thomas F. Wratten



"Jeff, thank you very much for taking the time to speak to our Real Estate Construction Industry  Group. Your presentation on real estate development will help us better advise our real estate clients".

Robert E. Lofgren, Senior Tax Manager

Deloitte, Haskins & Sells


“Congratulations, Jeff on the completion of the Park Villas residential project.  My friends and I are very pleased by the great return by investing some of our retirement savings on a tax-free basis.”

Paul Herklotz


"Congratulations on the approval of The Phair Company's 344-unit Club Valencia project in Temecula. The rapid growth in that area of our county will require quality housing needs, which your well-planned project will provide".

Ben Russell

County of Riverside, Planning Department


I give my highest recommendation to Jeff Phair of The Phair Company, I’ve worked with Jeff in the San Diego real estate industry for almost 25 years.  I first met Jeff when he was the President of several different building industry organizations.  Later I invested in his development projects, because I respected his business acumen and community leadership.  Anyone considering investing with The Phair Company gets my definite stamp of approval.

Tony Badeaux


"Jeff  Phair was our lead partner in the acquisition  and rehabilitation of a portfolio  of 193  apartment units in San Diego.  Our joint venture was very profitable.  I give a positive recommendation to anyone considering a business relationship with Jeff Phair".

Richard Straus

Lumbermen’s Investment Company


"Mr.  Phair provided consulting services to us on our 774-unit La  Jolla International Towers residential project.  We recommend Mr. Phair for real estate development consulting services".

Edward Cohen


“Mr. Phair, thank you for expressing your concerns about the challenges facing developers in San Diego.  I look forward to working closely with you, in your role as a leader of the real estate development industry in maintaining San Diego’s reputation as America’s Finest City”.

Susan Golding

Mayor, City of San Diego


“Jeff, I want to personally commend you and your company for the outstanding 104-unit El Dorado Ridge townhome project. This project is indeed an excellent example of what can be accomplished when real estate leaders and city planners work in unison towards a win-win solution."

Jerry R. Rindone

Councilmember, City of Chula Vista


"Jeff, your leadership of our building industry in defeating the building restriction initiatives was paramount to that success. On behalf of all of us in the real estate development industry in San Diego County (estimated to be over 100,000 jobs), thank you for leadership when we really needed it".

Jim Van de Water

Dartmouth Development Company


“Mr. Phair, I appreciate your input on Assembly Bill 1020. As a respected leader in San Diego's real estate industry, I agree with your comments on the impacts this legislation will have on the real estate industry, state-wide.  I will do all that I can to insure passage of the bill".

Steve Peace    

California Assemblyman


"I have known Jeff Phair for many years and have worked with him on several projects in Chula Vista.  Jeff has a reputation for being very straight-forward and a man of his word.  Anyone considering a real estate relationship with one of Jeff's companies has my vote of confidence."

Shirley Horton

Mayor of Chula Vista


"Security Pacific Bank made several loans totaling approximately $16 million to partnerships  including Jeffrey D. Phair for the development of several projects in the first phase of the Eastlake community. The partnerships performed as per the conditions of the loans and repaid the loans as specified".

Richard Chasen Vice President

Security Pacific Bank


"My name is Randy Schwartz. My company arranges financing for Mr. Phair's real estate properties. We recently arranged loans of $3,240,000 and $3,950,000 for Mr. Phair. Both loans have been paid in full. Mr. Phair is an excellent borrower. I give high marks to Jeff for his knowledge of the San Diego real estate market and his track record of performance".

Randy Schwartz

President, Churchill Mortgage


"Mr. Phair has borrowed $9,039,000 and $8,795,000 from SouthTrust Bank.  He has kept both loans in good standing".

Robert H Beuttas

Group Vice President


"The Phair Company has been a borrower in good standing with Principal Commercial. We've made several multi-million dollar loans to The Phair Company, all of which were kept in good standing and repaid in full. I consider Jeffrey D. Phair to be very knowledgeable in the real estate market in San Diego".

Chip Stephens

Managing Director


"I   have known Jeff Phair for many years. He has played a significant role in shaping the City of Chula Vista and the entire South County. The Phair Company has developed many residential and commercial real estate projects that have provided housing and jobs for the residents of our community. He has frequently stepped up and provided financial assistance when many community charitable organizations needed help. I give my highest recommendation to anyone considering a business relationship with Mr. Phair".

Cheryl Cox

Mayor -City of Chula Vista


"We  provided a $4,240,000 loan to Mr. Phair for the rehabilitation  of an apartment complex.   We looked at Mr. Phair's experience, reputation and track record, in making this loan.  Mr. Phair repaid the 5-year loan in only one year".

Donald H Horton

Senior Vice President -Huntoon Hastings Capital Corp.


"Jeff, thank you for your assistance in arranging for the donation by Eastlake Development Company of the land for the new Olympic Training Center. There was significant competition with other cities for this facility. The fact that San Diego (Chula Vista) was selected is a testament to the efforts of many San Diegans, like yourself".

Ernest Hahn

U.S. Olympic Committee


"Jeff, thank you for your efforts in drafting the charter for the new South County Economic Development Council. This new coalition of business leaders will play a pivotal role in promoting our South County as a great place to do business. I appreciate your time and effort in formulating and implementing the strategic plan for the SCEDC".

Greg Cox

Mayor, City of Chula Vista


"I've known Jeff Phair for many years.  His real estate projects at the master planned community of Eastlake and The Phair Company's many developments have improved the quality  of life in our community.  I am especially impressed by his commitment to the financial support of our education system (my wife was one of Jeff 's teachers in junior high school)".

Senator Wadie Deddeh


"Mr. Phair was a partner in the development of a 106-unit condo project in Lakeside. Our bank made a loan of $6,500,000 to Mr. Phair's investment group for the land purchase and site development costs. The loan was fully performed and repaid ahead of the maturity date. We appreciate our business relationship with The Phair Company".

Jeff Stites

Senior Vice President - City National Bank


"Mr. Jeffrey D. Phair, through several of his related business entities has had a long term successful borrowing relationship with SouthTrust Bank. We have loaned Mr. Phair over $18 million for the purchase and repositioning of several apartment projects in San Diego County. Mr. Phair has always kept his loans in good standing and repaid those loans in a timely manner".

Richard Strauss

Chairman - SouthTrust Bank


"Jeff, I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of the San Diego real estate industry. Congratulations on your election as president of the San Diego chapter of the National Association of Industrial & Office parks and appointment to the California Commercial Council in Sacramento. I will look forward to our continued dialogue on issues facing our community''.

Jim Bates

House of Representatives


"The Phair Company is a valued client of In1perial Capital Bank.  We recently worked with Jeff Phair to structure a $5 million line of credit for the renovation of a shopping center in San Diego. Mr. Phair knows the San Diego real estate market. On behalf of Imperial Capital Bank, we welcome doing other projects witl1 The Phair Company".

Tony Schall

Vice President -Imperial Capital Bank


“Jeff, congratulations on being named Honorary Mayor of the City of San Diego for your service on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers.  I will look forward to turning over my gavel to you on your special day as mayor.”

Susan Golding

Mayor, City of San Diego


“I have known Jeff Phair for many years.  I can personally attest to his visionary leadership, strong work ethic, and high degree of integrity.”

Jerry R. Rindone

Deputy Mayor, City of Chula Vista


“Congratulations to The Phair Company’s management team on winning the Mark of Excellence Award for the ‘Apartment Community of the Year’.”

San Diego County Apartment Association


“Jeff, the opening of Eastlake was spectacular.  Congratulations on bringing this grand master-planned community to fruition.”

Greg Cox

Mayor, City of Chula Vista

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